Dr. Courtney Phillips
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Registration is now open for the National Senior Games Step Up Your Game ChallengeDownload Signup Instructions 

Senior Games participants will be able to track their daily/weekly exercise activities-from jogging and swimming to walking and mowing the lawn- online by entering these activities into their profile. The online tool automatically converts activities into "steps," which is how the program is measured. 
When all members are registered, everyone will have their own personalized page with a Dashboard.  It will be located on the bottom of the welcome page once users have logged into the site. The user dashboard is a place for users to perform a variety of functions including:

  • Track steps/activity
  • View rankings
  • View progress of all the groups 

Participants can choose an activity on the menu and enter the number of minutes it took to complete the activity and the system will automatically convert the minutes and activity into steps and miles.  To earn points, teams or individuals enter their steps if using a pedometer, or enter the amount of time it takes them to complete activities. Teams' progress is constantly updated and can be viewed by clicking on 'Challenge Progress' then scrolling to the bottom of the page and seeing the rankings.




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