Rebekah E. Gee, MD, MPH
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Now that our main Challenges have come to an end, you may still start a private challenge on your own and utilize our tracking system.
Just contact us at and we'll create a challenge of your choice that consist of steps, weight loss, fruits and veggies. Our next main statewide challenges will start January 2018. Stay well and thanks to all that participated! 

 How It Works

  • Each contestant and general public will go to and sign up for the challenge. Complete a profile that will ask for general information and calculate participants BMI. Contestants will be monitored in the area of nutrition, physical activity and exercise for three months.   

If you want us to setup a challenge for you- public or private- just contact us: or call us at 225-342-4886 and 1-866-562-9015. 

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